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Stainless braided brake lines


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I am thinking of getting stainless brake hoses, I have done some reading of reviews on other forums etc. Some people say they make a big difference and some say they dont make any difference at all. It seems to depend on whether the standard ones on your particular car are good or not and how old they are.


Does anyone have stainless brake lines? I am interested in what brand and what difference you could feel at the pedal and in the way the car stops... anything you noticed really. 

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No, nor do I plan to. If I was to purely track a vehicle I would consider using them.

There are plenty of posts around. One as recently as a few days ago of a HEL branded one failing on an 86. Luckily the guy was only in a parking lot at the time.

Just be very careful and do your research if you decide to go ahead with it.

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trentmeyer23 knows what he's talking about.

Coincidentally I have a mate who whilst driving his Lancer Evo 8 recently at a track day at Easten Creek in Sydney have his brakes seriously melt on him using stainless hoses.

I wouldn't recommend them seeing how close my friend was to being seriously injured.

Just my opinion anyway...

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A few months ago, I had the same thoughts about upgrading brake lines but decided to defer until actually required.

I am more likely to upgrade rotors and brake pads for emergency braking purposes.

Also quite concerning about the quality and subsequent failure of stainless steel braided hoses, still comes down to the quality of materials and workmanship..

You may be interested in the following eBay listing for information purposes:

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-AURION-GSV40-2006-on-brake-upgrade-SAFEBRAKE-Performance-Lines-/170790588969?hash=item27c3e99229:g:KOkAAOSwaNBUiCdJ It

It would appear that if the hoses comply with the applicable ADR and SAE standards then they should be legal. However, I would recommend contacting your insurer about this proposed vehicle modification and also your State Department of Transport to confirm before proceeding with a purchase.



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