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Tips for Stopping VVTI rattle on Startup?


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This topic has been covered in earlier threads. You should be able to search this Forum.

I have had better results doing a Google search with results for this Forum.

Members have posted their various results. Changing viscosity of oil either higher or lower can produce a good outcome. It varies upon the condition of the engine. What works for one engine may not produce the same desired outcome in another. Sometimes a matter of trial and error.

If ever I remove the valve cover, I will take the time to check the VVTi controller particularly that the bolts are nice and tightened.

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Don't let this happen to you ! VVTi Controller failure from a 2ZZ-GE motor. The bolts work their way loose & rattle noise begins, the controller cover starts to rattle, then the bolts break & cause damage, potentially catastrophic, especially when chains are involved. Lucky for me the missing bolts sheared off in bits & landed away from the chain drive & didn't get stuck anywhere. It punched a hole in the rocker/cam cover & that's it !

This high revving engine had done approx 250K kms when the controller failed.




ps: note how clean the engine is :))


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Mine has 251 000km. At 193 000km when I got it there was rattle on start. I use 0-30 or 0-40 oil and replace every 5 to 8000km. The rattle has pretty much gone, it happens less than once a month. I have no idea if it is the frequent oil changes but I cant think of any other reason for it going away

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