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Hard to shift


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ey guys today in my 2005 n70 I was finding it really hard to change gears and reverse was the worst im having a few problems with my rear diff at the moment but not sure if it’s that or my gear box but as soon as I turned my car off I could shift again easily?? Any answers would help right now thanks. 

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Reading your issue has reminded me of videos showing movement in the drive train between the transmission and rear differential. Probably a good idea to check the bushings and drivehaft bearings for any movement. 

Interest to see any future posts of what the cause ended up being.

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I'm ssuming it's a manual. Is that correct ? There was no mention. Given the hard life most of these Hilux's get, I wouldn't be surprised if you have premature wear and tear on both tranny and diff. When was the last time the fluids were checked/changed ??

Certainly would be checking the rest of the drive train too as Ashley pointed out.

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I also have issues with a new (to me) 2001 Hilux 4WD 3L diesel shifting 4>3 while moving. Easy to shift any gear from any other while stationary, but 4>3 whilst moving is nearly impossible to get, even with a lot of force it is only about 30% success. I have to go 4>2>3 while clutch is depressed, to reliably change 4>3.

As I have only had the ute a week, I would hope to get some guidance on the fault finding and remediation of this issue.


Thanks in Advance,


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Would be saying your syncro s worn ,when driving the whole cluster is rotating ,stationary only the input shaft is no load on the box so shiftings easy

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