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  1. ill be out to, in somthing bit more exciting then the yaris.
  2. I dont think that model Haltech will work with the 2zz-ge, its not on their list of supported engines....For $1500 you could get a 2nd hand PowerFC fitted and tuned.
  3. Im keen to see where this goes. To get any real idea of interest you are going to do a set up, show the gains and name the price, without this all you will get is alot of "mabeys"
  4. yeh bs is what you call it nar there was 95% tough as v8's so we didnt fit in, 1 or 2 rice, no rex's or evo's either im planning a dyno day in about a month for us and the anyone else here that wants to join dont think there would be much interest tho as most of use have been on. so there will just be aurions again i would emagine....maybe nate will come and battle us :P I think you would get heaps of interest if it wasn't like another muscle event at Kallangur. Something to be careful is not having to close to the official annual dyno day at CES. :o Gav. it will just be a Toyota one if i c
  5. That guy had serious skill, the R35 GTR owner was taking it easy, like I said first session out knocked out 3 60sec laps. Got down to a 59.6 while his mate in the track spec R32 GTR only managed a 59.4, so the R35 is an amazing car that is stupidly quick, also remember the Evo ran a dry track where last SAS there was still alittle water around.
  6. First session out last SAS the R35 GTR did a 60sec dead around QR, stock as a rock......
  7. Still dont have my car back, else i would come along. :(
  8. Evo 10 is a pretty poor choice for a HWP car, image spending all day crusing the HWY in that, wouldn't be very comfortable.
  9. you dont need FI to kill a motor hehe :D
  10. ill be sure to frame that and stick it on my bedroom wall, your my hero. on a serious note, nice driving pitty bout your choice of car. Just remember to play nice as you know what happens when you dont......
  11. Dont worry mate, ill organise somthing for us and elgin when we get our cars back.
  12. I was hoping to get it back on thursday before the long weekend but didn't happen....ahh well next time.
  13. I take it you don't know how much the half shafts cost? Just replace them when they break. Also you'll have to keep an eye on the coolant level :P Set of shafts from Toyota will set you back around the $2.5K mark.
  14. bloody hell bill how big is that rock your living under :P Elegnt get your ***** out to QR then,
  15. im out guys, I was hoping to have my car back but its not going to be finished untill next week :( PS if anyone needs to me to take their TRD Aurion to the shoot im avalible :P
  16. well the big bitches just booted your ***** off the forums.
  17. keep dreaming Phil :P even in its broken state ill clean you up hehe :P
  18. Australian GP Team: McLaren Drivers: Hamilton, Masa Pole: Hamilton Fastest: Hamilton
  19. Drags is for the ladies :P PS: Phil we have plenty of tricks up our sleves for a faster Stivo hehe
  20. Im sick of every time I get online your ****** people off, My inbox is full of reported posts and 9 times out of 10 your just being a ******, So either smarten up or you just wont be coming back.
  21. Because Spillage is a tool, keep posting more of this crap and you will se yourself receiving an all expenses paid holiday from the forums.

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