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Order of business?


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Hey Hey everyone....

just want to get a feel for what order people think I should do some mods in:

1. suspension / lowering

2. bodykit (front bar, side skirts, rear bar, spoiler, hood)

3. wheels (17's)

the reason I ask this (and no it's not asthetics {sp?}) is I don't want to lower the car and then not be able to fit my bodykit and vice versa....or buy wheels that wont fit how low the car's going to get....(no not ghetto dropped either)

anywhoo if people want to give me some ideas :)


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1) and 3) together, then 2)

if not, 3), 1) then 2)

i wouldnt want to drive a kitted car on stock rims!

i wouldnt want to have new rims on a non-lowered car

I would drive a lowered car on stockies :P

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Put the bodykit on, then get the wheels to suit and fit the kit etc then you'll see just how much you'll need to lower it :D

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there are a few angles you can look at this from

e.g. u might lower it first to make sure ground clearance is ok and ride is ok on standard rims.... Then get the kit if all is well with regards to clearance and then if its not to bad then get the new rims

or if ur interested in looks only well source the kit your after then source matching rims then drop it....

all depends mate

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Cheers for answers so far :)

My car already has 'mags' 16" PCW 5 spoke job (but I don't like them so want to upgrade) ... I was looking at 18's but decided for functionality to stay with 17's (that and the rims I like the most only come in 17's)

So far the most logical to me seems to be bodykit + suspension as a package...... and I guess since I'm not going the ghetto drop upgrading to 17" wheels at a later stage shouldn't be too bad....shouldn't have any issues with scrubbing etc since I'm going up a rim size and down a tyre profile size (and yes it still fits within the 'legal' side of things and wont throw my speedo out by too much - I've read those thread's as well :D )

*convinced myself - look at that - that was nice and easy* :D

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First up I would do the suspension.

Make sure the handling is nice.

Bodykit, hmm I dunno. A nice set of wheels and lowering job (with quality bits) would look much better than a rice boy body kit at the standard ride height.

I think Gumball has a point ... you could do the wheels and the lowering, then see how that looks before doing a kit.

There are many of us who like the look of an unkitted car with big wheels and lowering. I'm picturing the late '90's Super Tourers, without the front spoiler and rear wing.

The current Magna is a good example of a car that just looks great lowered with tinted windows.

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i wouldn't know any intimate details regarding these, but the wheel/tyre combo may change the overall diameter which may determine how much you want to lower so it can clear the guards without rubbing under load. my understanding is that with springs, they will eventually be lower than put on initially after settling in). that way once you know the overall height of the car, you can get the kit to suit you car's net height.

dunno about imported jap kits, but if you get a custom kit, or f/g one, i'm sure you can request for it to be altered so that it can give you your optimum clearance.

you may also wanna take into consideration the overhang of the front bumper as the longer it is (away from the tyre), the less humps you can go over without scraping.

my friend has a civic which wasn't lowered and got the bodykit first. they simply took the car's current height into account and fitted a f/g bodykit which made his car have the same clearance as a car which would've been lowered and had a bodykit. ie. he can't lower it anymore than present.

so in summary..


if you're set on them wheels,

get the wheels (provided the right dimensions); then

get the sussy (to fit the wheels); then

get the kit (to fit the sussy which fits the wheels which lived in the house that jack built).

good luck :)

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Sportiv - as much as I would I've all ready costed turboing the rolla and doing it properlly so I can run some decent boost...big $$

but yeah I could just whack a turbs on it and an intercooler for about the total cost of bodykit / lowering and new wheels silke.gif

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Many times before i've had this thought.

But yes it all depends what you can afford at the time.

On my old ride i got my wheels first, then got my bodykit fitted (next day) 3 days later i got my suspension customised to legal height 10cm lowest point of car.

This little adventure in 1 hit is very expensive. But to help i would buy the kit first and hang on to it til you have money for wheels and suspension.

But if looks aren't your thing, then i'd be getting wheels that are lightweight.

Cheap chromies from tempe or bsa are very heavy.

dats my 2 cents..

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after today's dyno effort realised my car suffers much in the performance category...

Thinking rather than looks and lowering...I might just have to look at the performance side - put away a few $$ and do something special ...

then do the bodykit / wheels / suspension....*shrug*

for anyone that's interested my stock ascent pulled 85.9kw on hub dyno in shootout mode. eyebrow1qb.gif

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