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How your RUKUS sits


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more goodies from Japan

slimline DRL


shorten antenna


no reception, no problems


nice knob


broadway mirror


The Ordens came back from some loving, rebuild and the centres painted champagne




wait WTF? Track rims, Advan SA3R 17x8 +34 and 17x9+34 with semi slicks


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ordered these early december last year and only just came but found out the bottom right lens was cracked. The seller refunded the money but he reckons mbro are out of stock till Feb

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Aloha guys.... Coming at you from the 808 state.... Will be hitting up trd sometime this week.... Everyone that's pm'd me ill be getting prices this week then purchasing next week if you still want... Still taking orders....

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Ok guys so I got some part numbers for the front drls.....

They are a stock scion item.... I'm waiting on prices... But early figures are about 167.00 each sideplus shipping ...

Part numbers are 8121A12010 left and 812A12010 right..... Anyone interested


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Kelvin... Found out prices for the lights.... Each light 168.99 plus the wiring harness you need to buy to make them work is 499.00

Having said that I can get a few discounts on them.....

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Yeah 837 all up then still need to ad shipping into that as well..... I can get a discount on them but its not a massive discount.... Oh and those prices arek USD so need to add in a international charge as well...

I'm still waiting on the part number for the new rear diffuser.... I'm hoping my contacts in LA will be getting back to me by the end of the week.... Just depends on when they get time....

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waste of money on the drls i got told there not even that bright, do some research guys before investing in these... better off going custom

- Jim

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as per facebook convo with my US contacts... the rear diffuser only comes with the rear bumber for the 2013... so looks like we get stooged again unless someone wants to buy and ship a whole bumper.... if anyone is keen on any parts please pm me and ill see what i get done...

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New wheels are here and are now on.... This isn't the final colour though they will be getting painted or powder coated in a few months.... I'm still not 100% happy with the fitment and will play around with it still in the coming weeks...

The poke from the rear


Side view




Different angle


Let me know what you think....

Once I roll the guards the rears should sit lower at the moment is stopping the car for going any lower....

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