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Dude makes an F1 car out of cardboard then gets job with Red Bull F1 team


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took me around 45mins to examine, read, magnify, read again on the 10 page thread

bloody !@#@#$#%^

i just cant believe someone would make a complete in depth model out of soft trees and laquer it up.

No words can describe the level of skill he has.

it really does make us normal dudes who have "hobbies" seem utterly pathetic.

sure, one might be able to replace an engine, or conduct a showroom respray...but making an replica F1 car from the inside out, bottom to top with paper - thats just unreal

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Bloody hell,the attention to detail is boardering on insanity...prolly the coolest thing i've seen in 2012 :)

my best is a 6 fold paper aeroplane,they tend to nose dive straight into the ground on launching.

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