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Hey guys...

Jeffy and myself are going to be heading to this if anyone is keen..

Toyota Car Club of Australia Inc. (Victoria)
all toyota winterfest at caribbean gardens
details below:



would be good to get a few people down for this

Westside premeet

sunshine vicroads usual spot

8am meet 8:15am leave

entry into the gardens is $2.50 paid at the gate

entry into the show is a gold coin that goes to charity

if anyones keen please pm or sms me or jeffy

look forward to seeing a great turn out


1. cductn

2. jeffy

3. -alister

4. 4abghe

5. Mr Levin ZR



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Thankyou for the support of this event, good to see a few of you will be making it out too!

Just a reminder that this will be on regardless of weather! Yes, we are that keen! All donations taken on the day will go to the Children's Protection Society to help support them with their work. We will also be taking a collection of goods for children & babies (toys, clothing etc) in good condition to donate as well. If you have any new, or near new items to donate, please bring them with you & for collection by Frank at his white RA28 Celica.


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A few of these should be familiar to some of you? Thanks for coming on down today, we appreciate it!

post-33273-0-89841200-1373788269_thumb.j post-33273-0-21016900-1373788306_thumb.j post-33273-0-01007400-1373788340_thumb.j

The rest of the photos can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/117427185344396044531/TCCAVWinterfest2013?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMjNgpn93ePKWw&feat=directlink

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Ahhh I am glad you guys were on to us despite me forgetting to promote the event here :) Thanks for coming along!

Very awesome turn out. Over 140 cars turned up in pretty wintery Melbourne weather. We couldn't fit many more cars in I don't think!

Thanks to every one who came along and made a donation and also to those that helped out.


I rather liked this little Corolla

Rims on this Supra were OMGWTFBBQ!

Very cool Crown wagon - who would have thought we would get two of these on the same day!

Chev powered monster Hilux was awesome

Digging the rims and overall look of this AE92

Supercharged k motor anyone?

Rukus on bags apparently. Loved it!

One of a number of cool Starlets on display

Quite a few of us would like to have taken this home - Crown V8 Majesta

Good turn up of early Celicas too

Heaps more photos here

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