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Hiace the beginning


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Hi all,

well here it is the stock standard hiace that will take us round oz, in comfort and style once we have finished it....


didn't have a photo of the body, you all know what it looks like, there's millions of them.

these are my 2 lady travelling companions, helping clean the back, ready for insulation, ply and carpet.


I have photo's of the insulation going in, but every one seems to have my **** crack hanging out in it, although I was tempted to post them, I couldn't inflict that on anyone....

we used sound/body deadener spray waited 2 days for it dry, then laid carpet underlay,

12mm ply then marine carpet... wheel arches boxed and carpeted...

thanks to those who have read this post, we appreciate it...

more to come real soon...

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1 layer of insulation in the window voids, with another layer over the top...

then 3mm ply lining with carpet





the sliding door was a bit more time consuming than I expected.

laying and trimming inside the door with minimal room was a right pain in the *****,

I figure any is better than none.


same process as the walls... 2 layers of insulation, ply then carpeted.

bit over the potent smell of glue and trimming carpet, so I decided to install the dual battery system.

1 x protector battery management.

1 x 125ah deep cycle battery

4 x 12v plugs

2 x lights at the back

that's a start.... a heap more to come....


will get some more pics up of the system. in the next update.

today i'm changing the front door speakers and running wire for the rear speakers.

should be fun...although I dout it, hate playing with fiddly door trims and clips...

thanks again, if you have read...

cheers D&H

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thinkin I should have put this in the commercial vehicle section.

but no one reads that either, it will be far from a commercial van when finished.

any thoughts,advice idea's or opinion's would be great.... even a cyber bully will do......troll me please!


today front speakers done, rear speaker wire run... even carpeted the side door step then went abseiling....

yew yeeeew.

love Christmas time, well the lack of work around Christmas time.



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