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1992 Tarago - sell as a whole or parts?


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Looking for advice if I may.

My 92 Tarago TCR11R needs to go. The suspension has gone on it, which will cost approx $2k. I realise that this is almost the value of the car, so I've figured it's not worth fixing. It also needs 4 new tyres and has been garaged for about 3yrs.

Aside from that, the car is in good condition for its age. Being a GLX, it has a few more features: sunroof, electric moon roof, bull bar, mags etc. Engine has done 188k. Mechanically great.

And of course, it holds enormous sentimental value :wub: 

I've had it for around 22yrs - 2nd owner.

Given that it's unroadworthy, I'm unable to take it out and try to sell it as is. I've tried some wreckers and was highly offended by what they offered me :ph34r:

What's the best way of approaching this?

  • Try to sell as is for best price?
  • Try to sell as parts?
    • If so, how do I go about that? I'm no mechanic!
  • Count my losses and let the wreckers take it?

Any advice appreciated

Thanks, Alison

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Sorry to hear the decline of your Tarago..The wife and I had a 96 GLX for about 8 years and LOVED it..As Trent said Gumtree would be the easiest to get your beast online..

A few options...

Option 1....I would sell it as scrap... I know the pain of seeing a great car go for ***t money and be passed on for scrap..but then at least it is gone and not a constant reminder..

Option 2 is parting it out..same deal but means it could sit there for years..and really it would need to be advertised on a lot of spare parts websites..

Option 3 is look around your part of the world talk to a few mechanically minded angels to see if the repair price can be lowered sometimes you get surprised..second hand parts Etc..never doubt generousity it is out there

hope it is sorted soon Alison

Good Luck


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16 hours ago, trentmeyer23 said:

Put it on Gumtree or similar and price it accordingly.

Wreckers will give you scrap metal value.

Parting out is difficult unless you do it yourself.

As you have said, it has to go. You know the wreckers offer which is probably $300 so that is your worst case scenario/bottom line.

My suggestion would be to sell it privately and price it attractively e.g. $1,000 negotiable, $800/$750 whatever is realistic to attract someone to buy it as a project fixit upper. For sentimentality reasons, better to sell it cheap to someone who is going to fix and use rather than send it to the wreckers.

Either way, you have to be hard headed and get the vehicle gone then have a good cry in your beer/wine etc.

After it is gone, I am sure you will put the extra garage space to good use.

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Hi Alison.

where about are you in SA.

i just bought a 1992 Tarago and might be looking for spare parts. Mostly interior parts and if u have had it 22 years I'm thinking you must have looked after it.

let me know, would love to look at it.


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