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Custom Brake caliper mounts.


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I can't see any Mitsubishi discs that would safely go onto the Corolla.

The FTO is 5 stud for starters and the brakes are 276mm diameter so not worth the 'upgrade' for 1mm.

The only thing worth looking at would be EVO brakes that are 294 or 320mm, but again, 5 stud so would have to be redrilled, but even so, the hub diameter is huge at 69mm compared to our 55mm. The other dimentions look like it 'may' work though. You would also need to get the Brembos fitted to make use of this too, as the stock calipers will look tiny with those discs. The discs would not be very secure though with the hub size difference. It'd be like driving on wheels matched with the wrong hub rings.

i was talking to someone overseas with a fielder who changed the factory calipers to a used set from a fto? something mitsubishi if i remember correctly. does anyone know what it could be?

sorry Marcus I read discs, not calipers. :whistling:

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i dun understand wats goin on....

If ur upgrading to a evo brembo caliper. how will the caliper safely sit on the current mounts if it is 130mm spaced apart? and theirs is different.

i guess u could run the ST205 dics with redrilled holes to fit our 4 stud pattern if the brembos fit..

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lots of calipers have similar spacings, you then have to find a disc with the correct diameter, thickness, hat height, center bore (very important!) and PCD.

Eg I have Nissan Skyline Sumitomo alloy 4-piston calipers on the front of my wagon, which bolted straight up, using BA Falcon slotted DBA discs with a custom machined locator ring for the center of the disc.

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when installing bigger calipers at the front... should i move the front calipers to the rear?

my reason. because the braking ratio changes and it be more front biased therefore u are more likly to get oversteer from the inertia of the rear...

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You boys just need to look harder.

Most subbies use 25mm thick rotors.

Most Mid size mitsu use 24mm thick rotors.

A few Mazdas also use 24mm rotors.

As far as rotors go, it is easy enough to get custom rotors with changed offset or stock offset in various sizes. (i.e. 285mm, 302mm or 330mm)

In terms of mounting position, hardcore aftermarket calipers allow a different style of mounting, where rather than being a single piece cast for the mounts. it is avaliable in 2 piece setup, hence allowing totally custom mounting brackets.

some calipers that take 24mm rotors can take 25mm rotors, however calipers that take 30mm rotors (i.e. supra, nissan 4pot, brembo F50, AP Racing, Bigger willwoods) would require custom rotors to be made at 30mm thickness.

hope i haven't confused things further.

hint: Look through various brake rotor catalogues, they give away the offset and thickness of rotors to help narrow down the selection of calipers.

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