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  1. WTS: All 4 Camry struts with Super Low King Springs Location: Melbourne, Victoria Item Condition: USED Reason for Selling: Moving on to a new car and need to sell these off. Price and Payment conditions: $200 negotiable Any additional information: These struts will fit into a Gen 3 - Gen 5 camry, Gen 1 - Gen 2 Avalon Shipping: Pick up or postage under buyers expense Contact Details: o42564648o
  2. I've got a white Toyota Vienta 1996. - BC Racing BR Type Coilovers - 17" Mag wheels running Achilles ATR Sport2 235/45/17 - Underseat Sub - HID conversion - LEDs all around the car - LPG Conversion - Black plastidipped front grille - Smoked side indicators - SAAS boss kit and sport steering wheel - Drilled and Slotted front rotors from DBA + Ceramic compound pads - 3vz-fe engine with ignition timing set to 16*
  3. hey buddy, your front strut bar still for sale? Can I come and test to see if it will fit my car?
  4. Hi everyone, I just converted my Toyota Vienta 3VZ-FE to run on Sprintgas LPG. I have no idea which kit was fitted into my car. I got a really good deal from a local installer. About $500 out of pocket after the Victorian government rebate. The system installed is a single point vapour injection system. The LPG vapour is fed at the throttle body. I lost nearly half my boot space because of the tank. I didn't opt for the donut tank that some people fit into the spare wheel bay because that would have cost me $300 extra. That being said, I usually only drive by myself or with one passenger. I have the backseat to put all my stuff. The LPG-Petrol switch is located near the fuse box. There was a blank fascia plate which made it convenient for the installer. He didn't have to do any cutting of my dash. Performance wise, you can feel that you need to put your foot down more than usual to get the car going. The low end torque that we love so much about the 3VZ is not there. I found that the power increase is now a much straighter curve towards the higher revs. I think I will need my LPG mechanic to tune my AFM such that I get back the lower torque bump. That being said, I'm used to only revving up to 3k to get off the line to 80kmh which is the speed I usually drive at in suburban areas. Cruising on the highway is no problem at all. I had an issue with the LPG gas causing the engine to idle too low. When I was decelerating from 80kmh, somehow the overdrive/4th gear didn't change up and that caused the engine to stall. Thank goodness I was approaching a red light. Happened another time when I was turning a corner. I brought it back to the LPG installer and he put in a balance line running from the airbox to the LPG mixer. I also decided to change my sparks to the NGK LPG plugs. The loss of low end power was reduced after I switched the spark plugs. I ran my first tank of LPG to zero and then filled it up. It came up to 46.44 litres of LPG. I'm assuming my tank is a 55 litre tank. I am still running on my first full tank of LPG so I'll update you guys on the milelage later on. I'm currently at 200km at the fuel gauge on the switch is showing 2 out of 4 green lights. (red light = reserve). Hopefully I'll get up to 350km from 40 litres of LPG. With an 8cent discount from Coles/Shell, I am about 58.9 cents per litre of LPG. Works out to be less than $25 for a full tank of LPG.
  5. I just converted my 1996 Vienta 3vzfe to run on the sprintgas lpg system. The installer told me to pump BP lpg rather than shell lpg because of the propane/butane mix. I'm still in the midst of calculating the mileage I get on LPG. I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on the differences between different brands of LPG. Installer told me that supagas is the best LPG to use. Cheers.
  6. SORRY EVERYONE. I can't make it this time because of work. :(
  7. $900 for second hand coilovers? cool.. My bushes are probably on the way out. I'm expecting to have to replace them in the next six months. In the meantime, I'm saving up my dough and keeping an eye out for parts that I'd put in when it comes down to changing out the bushes and struts. I'm currently on 16" running on RE001's and it's already a marked improvement.
  8. When's the next meet? I was walking by Garage cafe today and it seems like there was an MX5 meet in there.
  9. Put me down for a "maybe" please! I'll see if my brother wants to come along. TA
  10. Just installed some 16inch rims on my camry vienta. went from 205/65/15 to 215/55/16.. The steering feels so much better at >100kmh now. The old wheels were either unbalanced, or really crap.. :D
  11. I got the same report from Ultratune a month back. They quoted me 300+ PER BUSH! thats crazy. Anyway, I've been driving around and I can hear the rubber squeaking coming from the back. I reckon I will eventually have to replace it but I'm just wondering how much it will cost me. WIll it make much difference replacing one bush and replacing ALL the bushes on the car?
  12. Thank you everyone for your posts and reply. Because of my extremely tight budget, I have decided not to go for coilovers. Instead I will just put a rear sway bar and upgrade my car aesthetically. 17inch rims are the first things on my list. I will just save more money and upgrade to a better platform for modifications... That being said, I'm totally in love with the 3FZ-FE engine..
  13. dont think its worth putting too much money into my vienta. Would be better off upgrading to a better platform for mods. right?
  14. It's going to be expensive wherever he goes. Just window shopping guys.. :P
  15. Thanks everyone for their suggestions and comments. I'll make a trip down to Pedders this weekend and I'll see what I can come up with :D
  16. Thanks for the feedback. Yea. I was definitely considering getting a new vehicle.. I will definitely look into the 2nd hand market for some shocks. The car has done 134,000kms on stock suspension. How long more do you reckon before the suspension completely wears out and needs replacing? depends on which roads you drive i guess, but east side has good roads im guessing, im on 250xxx on stock shock and springs. 250xxx on your camry altise? I hear squeaking from the back whenever i go over dips and humps. I am guessing that it's from the boot hinges because they squeak heaps when it's being opened. Considering that my camry was grossly underused by it's previous owner (i.e. to the station and back for 3 years + sitting the garage for 1 year), is it possible that the suspension just needs lubricating? If replacing the shocks isn't essential at this moment, then I am considering getting rims and wider tyres for a bit more grip and aesthetics, and a rear sway bar. Thoughts?
  17. The last part about service advisors making money from upsells is true, see plenty of that at my work every day. Some of the most **** selfish (I am an idiot i swear) ive met. So if they see an old asian lady who doesn't speak very good english or knows anything about cars, they've hit their jackpot(not intended to be a racist statement). I've seen them upsell stuff like power steering flush without even looking at the fluid. The techs send them a quote for stuff the car needs like brakes and tyres and the service advisor instead upsells stuff like wheel alignments and throttle body cleans, which is great if you get pulled over on bald tyres. But the upside of taking your car to a dealership(ie toyota at toyota, ford at ford etc) is the fact that the mechanics and apprentices work on the same model cars day in and day out. They know them very well and know exactly what to look for and common faults. So your small workshop mechanic at times may take 4 hours to diagnose a problem whereas the dealership tech will do it in 1 coz hes seen it in plenty of cars before. And the more time a mechanic spends on diagnosing the more its costing you. I think i'll be taking my car to my mate's mechanic out in rowville. They work on his AE86 Trueno alot and hate him for that. Nevertheless, they'll be honest and upfront about things(here's hoping).
  18. Thanks for the feedback. Yea. I was definitely considering getting a new vehicle.. I will definitely look into the 2nd hand market for some shocks. The car has done 134,000kms on stock suspension. How long more do you reckon before the suspension completely wears out and needs replacing?
  19. they dont seem to have a specific category for the 96' Vienta (XV10 platform).. :(
  20. Okay, so I've been driving my newly acquired '96 Vienta Csi and I'm ready to take it to the next level. My main gripe with the car is that the ride is too soft for my liking. It's comfortable going over potholes and bumpy roads, but when I do quick turns and cornering, it feel like an oil tanker. After forum hopping for a while, it seems that a front strut beam and rear sway bar would make a difference at a lower price point. After doing a little digging and visiting autobarn down in chaddy this afternoon, i realised that Whiteline does not make a front strut beam for the '96 Vienta because there is no clearance above the engine; a real bummer. So i'm posting this hoping get a few more ideas re how i can improve my suspension without blowing a big hole in my pocket. A friend of mine recommended changing the stock suspension to coilovers and that should reduce the need for FSB and RSB. I don't have a lot of money to spare so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share them. (if you could provide an estimated cost as well, that will be awesome) thanks! :D
  21. officially - I'm an international student in melbourne studying music at melbourne uni.. Also an opera singer for victorian opera. unofficially - freelance pianist and beggar... (cuz musicians make no money)