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  1. Hey all, i got a zre182r. Looking to upgrade - Brake pads, rotors and fluids. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks.
  2. Hey all, I got me a Zre182r. Looked and found coilovers, bc racing z1 series part number c-116-vm. Looking for a place to get them installed, that way if it ******s out its there fault and not mine. Anyone know of any places that does a good cheap at a fair price? Option1 garage are doing a special where you buy coils from them $1199 and get install and allignment for $350 Anyone know anyone who can beat that? Let me know, thanks heaps peeps peace
  3. Id go 3" of turbo cars are running 3" I don't see why a super charger can't
  4. There is a trd exhaust for the zre152 but requires the tiniest amount of modification. But a rear bar/diffuser is needed to fit it because it is central tip. I hope this info helps.
  5. Must be below 83db. Custom headers have to be made. I myself have a zre182 and have done research. Custom headers and full pipes with high flow cat and cai or Sri won't give enough gain for you to feel any power difference. Unless you turbo or cams and tune. I got quoted, 2 1/4 mild steel high flow cat and custom headers for 1500.
  6. There's a certain quality with speakers. So if it's all toyota leave as is. Or change the lot, that way everything is upgrade and level.
  7. From what I can see dude. Hb3 kit or 9005 kit. You may have to cut the rubber seal to fit it. Hope that helps.
  8. Parts in sourcing use factory mounting points so I'm covered. I may get a little tricky and get a ram pipe leading to it too.
  9. Taking out the power figures. Would you say the an aftermarket cold air or short ram would increase throttle response also? I'm not looking for "big" numbers in power gains as nice as that would be. We all know that they give small gains but it all adds up in the end.
  10. Hey errybody, I'm currently wanting an intake system for my 2013 zre182 manual. I took a look around and it looks like there is minimal out there. The only one I found is a K&N one for 700+usd not including shipping. I was wondering if anyone know of any other or other options for a SRI or CAI for this car. Helpful input is muchly appreciated. Thanks peeps.
  11. Hey. The rims are 16x7 with +30 and I dipped the car myself.
  12. Spring exhaust and intake are hard to source. No one's made anything yet. I'm in the same situation.
  13. Do you have a picture of your wheel with this tyre on it? Im interested to see how it sits. I would think that it would be bulging out? I recently got some 16x7 wheels which need new tyres Thanks Its not that bad. Pics will come shortly. It's a fat rim, it sits a few millimetres out but is slowly self cambering in. You can get a 215 to sit on your wheels, it will give it a bit of a stretch.
  14. Hi guys. I have a 2013 corolla ascent sport and looking to mod it. Atm I have White led Parker and license plate lights. Removed the ascent sport badge. Near finished plasti dipping the external chrome trimming black. Sunraysia 16x7 with falken 225/50/16 Also have a kicker sub and amp wired to stock touch screen media player player. HID Kit coming soon. Looking for simple performance mods. Id love some advice on what breathing parts to get. Obviously headers, high flow cat and cai. But need suggestions on brand and pricing. ALSO id love some coilovers but once again, need help on brand and pricing. Hoping to get muffler to keep noise down or varex muffler so I have options. Not looking to track this thing, it's my daily. Just wanna give it a few defining characteristics and a lil extra kick. Much appreciated guys

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