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No foggies to turn on in Victoria


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I remember one guy was. They actually defected him which was hilarious. He took it to the registry and the guys there basically said, "Um, you like, turn them off if you don't need them? They're a factory fitted item?"

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Every time I have my lights on, they're on basically. Most of the time I just forget to take them off. I wave at people and smile if they high beam me. Personally, I'd rather people see me than not see me at all (the amount of close calls I've had in Canberra due to impatient and blind people is rather substantial).

This has been covered

I'll cover 'you'...

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Nope always drive with them on, every car that has them fitted in Melbourne does!

i agree with this statemen....always have mine on, behind cops, oncoming cops etc...never told off.....only person i know was my 55 yr old aunty in country mildura in a kluger, crossing bridge from NSW to VIC real agorant bored cop.....

i think it states that basically if your service book depicts them as driving lights...its fine if depicted as fog lights (stivo says fog) then should have them off.

Pretty sure cops got better things to worry about.


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Mine are always on, and probably will stay on after a fine :P

That's the spirit, this man don't need no lunch money :lol:

Guni, S'tivo's look great lights on/lights off so chill out and enjoy the CAI noise :D

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I've been pulled over for it in NSW...

Got away with it cause I don't have an indicator light on the dash to tell me they're turned on...

*thank you aftermarket dash* hahaha...

03-04 Sportivo's and Levins dont have an indicator light either

*thankyou standard dash* hahaha

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yeah i got a warning when i didnt even know that they were ellegal. btw this is in sydney. and the cop's exact words" you may think there fully sick but there not so keep them off. only use in fog or if animals are present on the road". and i was gonna say i saw a pig on the road but i wasnt in the mood for a fine. then a few months back got pulled over in the city with every tom dik and harry have them on. and i got fined $70 i think it was but still use my foggies rain hail or shine. haha will never learn. and the cop was wrong. they are fully sick.

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has anyone on here actually been booked for this?

haha talk to thedefiant1 and nyan i think they got booked .. well i know elan got a warning but nyan got a 150 dollar fine..

I turn mine off to gain a few kilowatts. Heat from the foggy makes the CAI a HAI.

LOL! so true..

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I turn mine off to gain a few kilowatts. Heat from the foggy makes the CAI a HAI.

hahahahha. That question have been bogging me for the longest time. Keep the foggies on or the CAI cold .....

I'll leave them foggies off now .........

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the "fog lights" on the 03-05 sportivo's only serve to give a little extra peripheral lighting. They are not aimed high enough or bright enough for real fog, let alone to blind on-coming drivers. I really don't see what the fuss is about. Damn traffic cops :angry:

I think the foggies law has been totally misinterpreted and misused. My understanding of fog lights are those "roo-shooting' lights made by Hella or something found on the front of 4x4's, trucks, and utes with bullbars. what we're refering to are driving lights 90% of the time.

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Guest ddonggae

YAY !!!

they should make the DEATH penalty for peeps who use fog lights at daytime..


its so dumb to use them at day.. not like it help vision LMFAO !!!

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