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Kluger brakes fitted to Aurion sx6


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30 minutes ago, matt36415 said:

What years Kluger did your calipers... come from? Just thinking about doing this and wondered if the manufacture year of the donor Kluger matters

The 45 series are the better ones, they were made from 2007-2014.

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1 hour ago, matt36415 said:

Brilliant. Thanks for the reply. Ive found calipers for $160. Might get new rotors and pads though. 


I have 18 inch rims. Im guessing thats probably big enough. Could anyone who has done the swap confirm that?

They fit under 17's. I haven't personally, but a friend of mine had done it.

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17 minutes ago, matt36415 said:

Lovely. I get calipers tomorrow but need to wait a bit for new discs and pads to fit them.

It won't hurt to move the original caliper out of the way to test fit one before fully committing. If for some really odd reason that it would not fit, you could address it early.

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I have been following this thread as it was something that I previously noted for reference purposes.

Can I make a suggestion that you consider doing a before and after test of braking distance at 60kph.

I would be expecting a difference of 10-15% after the new rotors and pads have bedded in.

Aurion Brake Upgrade.doc

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Havent got rotors yet but did a test fit to make sure I wasnt wasting money buying rotors if the calipers didnt fit. They fit exactly and easily. Fitting them is exactly the same as fitting new pads, just one extra bolt needs removing. That was to test fit. To fit properly will need the hose and bleeding too. 

Top pic shows caliper fitted over aurion standard disc. Lower pic shows caliper and bracket from 2007-2014 kluger. That is what I bought for $80 each. I  also bought disce and pads new.



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6 hours ago, matt36415 said:

I have more photos but cant post. is there a way to make space for more pics on my profile?

give it a try now mate, i have upped the limits, if not then let me know, flick me a PM

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Im 'rebuilding' the calipers. Both piston boots were cut on one of them so I pulled them apart and cleaned everything up. A new seal kit is on the way. Rebuilding is a pretty generous term. Its just replacing seals. 

1, to get pistons out I put a small air compressor hose into the hole that the brake hose fits into, at about 45 - 50 psi one piston came out, the other was almost out and could be pulled out by hand. if you do this make sure you put wadded up cloth in front of the pistons, 50psi means that when they pop out its fast - dont put fingers in the way.


2, the inner seal that sits in the grove in pic 2 just sits in the grove, removed with fingers. The outter boot has a metal ring in it and its a pressed in fit. Once I worked that out I could easily get them out with a skewer. 


There was rust coloured water / brake fluid in the seal that had the damaged boot but the pistons and bore all look good.

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Hi guys ad girls, I'm thinking of doing this to mine..

i just got quoted $1500 for a set of pads and rotors (all genuine Aurion parts) supplied and fitted from Toyota, I might just pay a bit extra and do the upgrade instead.

Has anyone got Toyota do do it? They flame they can't fit it for legal reasons.

Do they fit with 16" wheels on?

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2 hours ago, 07Prodigy said:

Has anyone got Toyota do do it? They flame they can't fit it for legal reasons.

Do they fit with 16" wheels on?

They won't do it. The don't perform performance upgrades/unauthorised modifications.

No, you need 17's.

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$1500 for pads and rotors is just stupid. Even if its front and rear thats silly. 

Calipers from 2011 Kluger $160

Rebuild kit $30

3 bottles of fluid

rotors rda $190

pads $80.. I enjoy doing it all myself so zero labour cost. Caliper rebuilt, brakes go on tomorrow hopefully

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