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Shattered Rear Windscreen


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Just got home and noticed that the rear windscreen on my 2006 Toyota Aurion AT-X was shattered. The car was parked on the street and there was no other damage, theft etc. Just a real nuisance especially as I have it advertised for sale.

Has anyone else had their rear windscreen shatter for no obvious cause?

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Nothing around that I noticed last night when I was cleaning up. I was looking at the glass for impact damage but it was mostly shattered into small pieces. Will check more this morning,

Got a discounted quote from O'Brien Glass of $629. With a $600 excess for glass damage only claims, it will be an out of pocket expense. "Getting a comparative quote this morning, hopefully. I did ask the O;Briens customer service lady and she mentioned that they get lots of jobs where the glass in windows and showers just shattered for no apparent reason, presumably from sympathetic thermal stress"".

Now that I have gotten over the "financial stress"and Öh what a feeling"that this has happened, the thinking cap is on, For the last few weeks, I have been using both air conditioning and the rear demister at the same time during my travel times of about 20 minutes. I think that I will stop that practice in the future.


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Went to AutoGlass at 75 Moss Street Slacks Creek Brisbane Southside. Accepted their quote of $290; Rear windscreen gets fitted Mondau morning. Asked him about what could have caused the rear winscreen to shatter. He mentioned that with the recent Brisbane weather using the demister could have contributed to thermal shock and also, if glass was damaged e.g. hit by a stone it may not break immediately but say a week later.

Hopefully, other Forum memebers will learn from my mistake of overusing the demister. Also many years ago, I bought a temporary windscreen i,e. large clear plastic sheet to have in the glovebox. Would have been a lot easier to use than clip wrap.

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Wow, campbeam, I would have never thought this possible. Glass should never 'just shatter' on its own. 

I wonder if this also happens on other models.

Shame on O'brien glass for that ridiculously over priced quote too. It does pay to shop around. 

Good luck with everything.

Found this online: http://adventureautoglass.com/auto-glass-exploding-real-story/

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Sorry to hear of that Ashley..have never had a rear glass just shatter, the possibilities you heard about could be..but dam strange..glad you found a fair price for the replacement mate..the excess costs have always been a Grrrrr moment for me too

Keep well


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Many years ago I suffered a shattered rear screen on my Mitsubishi Galant.

The previous day to this happening I had fitted an 'Aunger' brand external rear window louver, and have always blamed my heavy handed fitting of it to the otherwise unexplained shattering of the window.

 I had never heard of 'sympathetic thermal stress' back then but I guess it would make sense now in hindsight.   

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Replacement rear windscreen fitted this morning.

Fitter told me that it has been their busiest Summer for many years due to the hot weather. It was mainly front windscreens, as expected.

Things are slowing down, only had 4 jobs today instead of the usual 6-7, includes 2 chip repair jobs.

Previous insurer included nil excess for windscreen replacement so will have to reconsider that factor when time to renew.

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