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Corolla VS Skyline


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u gotta love the 3SGTE.... how much psi is 2.2bar of boost?

oh n did i hear that the GTR had 100hp more than the rolla???

pretty f***ing good for a FWD

n to be fair the GTR did have an extra turbo... and two extra cyl (500cc)... but it does way more so yea lol

imagine transplanting that whole engine into my car... perfect fit... except it'll SMASH my gearbox n CVjoints in the first launch lol

i just remembered... i just picked up an issue of FastFours magazine... n it had 2zz celica as one of its feature cars... it also had a 3SGTE planted in it AND it's been converted to AWD... oh n a british team built it... i wonder if it's the same ppl that built this rolla

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u mean this celica?


Both those cars are 4wd!

i just read through the magazine... YES YES YES... it is by the same ppl they'r both pushin 10sec 400m both converted to AWD and both running 3SGTEs

2.2 bar is more or less equal to about 31 or 32 psi i think

n d_ice the rolla is not FWD, its AWD yO

i realised that right after i posted... hence the edit lol

32 PSI... wow

Skylines are better. I own a corolla and even I know that. They are turbo so they are fasterererer and got BOV and whoosh noise XD >.> o.O

yea a skyline is a sports car... but wen u end up with a 10sec corolla i don't think it'll still qualify as a shopping trolley lol... just take a look at bill's car (it's not pushing 10sec but u get the picture)... n how embarrassing would it be to have a corolla RIP your skyline to shreds lol... oh n u won't have to worry bout the boys in blue :D

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Note my sarcasm lol. I've already shocked the hell out of one guy in a mildly modded R33 GTSt. He was very upset he couldn't get past a stock sportivo. That upset that he went to the trouble of cutting me off further up the road. All in a days work.

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would need about 600-700hp I suppose to run into the 10s bracket....

Skyline will always win with the extra amount of torque in it, not to mention a good 500-600cc larger capacity engine.

Additionally I had a go against a astra turbo.....neck to neck, until I ran out of room.....I was quite happy with myself after that

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