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  1. Well it just so happens that my dad has an 08 Accord Euro...and I obviously have an Aurion ZR6. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Aurion has ALOT more balls and is a heck of a lot quicker off the line. But we all know why that is.... Secondly, I have to say, I actually prefer the interior of the Aurion over the interior of the Accord Euro. Yes the Aurion's interior may be simple, but that's exactly why I like it! I jump in to dads Euro (he has the luxury version) and I'm surrounded by knobs and buttons. It's all too confusing and just looks far too cluttered IMO. Yes the interior feels a bit more solid in the Euro, but at the end of the day, like every other car out on the market, it's full of plastic! Plus, the torque steer is pathetic in the Euro compared to the Aurion. Toyota have done a really good job in regards to reducing the torque steer. Hands down, I would buy an Aurion over the Euro anyday!
  2. Looking great. I too love the rims...looks hot! :D
  3. It's all well and good replacing the bumper, but you need to make sure that the towbar punching through the bumper hasn't caused any damage to components/items behind the bumper. I had a similar accident once and I too thought it was simply going to be a matter of replacing the bumper. What I didn't know (until quoted by the panel beater) is that when the towbar had punched through the bumper, it had actually hit and bent one of the radiator support posts and damaged some of the mounting brackets for the head light. In the end, "the simple job of replacing the bumper" turned in to well over $1000 worth of work.
  4. Have you tried taking it back to place that did the re-paint to have them rectify the problem?
  5. Sorry to see that Lee...always a PITA when something like this happens!! We've put a couple of our cars through Sheen Panels in Ringwood and never had a drama with them...fantastic customer service! Hopefully the same goes for the Sheen place you're baby is at!
  6. Gents, Just wondering if anyone else has since had a Hayman Reece towbar fitted to their Sportivo, if you wouldn't mind posting up some more pics? :D Plus, would be interested to know if anyone has done the following: Thanks!
  7. Sorry to drag up an old thread.... Edit: Found what I was looking for... :D
  8. Thanks guys. That's a bit of a weight lifted. Went back to the car wash in an attempt to find the cover, but as expected, didn't find it. Looks like I'll be ordering another one.
  9. I bought one from car care products a little while back and have used it several times since. It's perfectly fine! Build quality is good, feels quite solid. Has an adjustable speed, which is great! Performs quite well. Haven't had any issues with it what so ever. When you compare this to some of the other RO polishers you can buy, like Bosch one's for example - this is no where near as expensive and is certainly value for money! I'd certainly recommend it.
  10. Gents, Had a little issue with the Aurion today. I was a lazy prick and decided that I would just head down to one of those "high pressue" car wash places to give the Aurion a quick rinse - as opposed to the full wash I'd normally do at home. Anyways, once I got home and was drying her, I noticed that the cover over the front tow hook was missing. It must have come off when it was blasted with the high pressure hose (even though I've blasted that area many a time when washing her at home, but it's the only thing I can think of?) My main concern is this: take a look at the photo's below - the right side of the tow hook surround looks like it's been snapped off ie: has a jagged edge - as opposed to the left side, which is neat and looks like the original moulding. So if part of the surround has been snapped, then I'm doubting that the cover will 'lock' back in to place (will have to wait until I can order a new one...) Is someone please able to have a look at theirs and tell me if it's just meant to be that way, or if mine has definitely snapped. Sigh...teaches me for being a lazy bastage!! Thanks guys.
  11. My roster isn't out yet for that Sunday so I'll be a tentative. But will definitely try and come!!
  12. Hi all, A work colleague of mine is currently selling his Toyota Aurion SX6. Refer to his carsales ad here for more details. Selling due to end of lease. I have seen and ridden in this car and can vouch for the condition that it's in. Any queries/interest, give Doug a call on his mobile (in the carsales ad). Thanks guys! :D
  13. I hear ya 1stKill - I've seen hundreds of pics of those particular rims on commonwhores... I'm liking the look of black rims with some machining or something similar... And I think I may have found their replacement!
  14. Almost thought I was looking at a picture of a Honda Accord Euro...
  15. Any stretch of road around the Collingwood/Abbotsford area in Vic. There are sooooo many speed humps/pot holes/divots etc etc.
  16. As others have said, it's not just Toyota. Subaru are just as bad and just as overpriced! I've only had my car for 4 months, and already I've been receiving lousy customer service from my local dealership. I brought it in for 1000km check up. I asked the guy about updating the software for the audio system to fix the issues re iPod connectivity. I knew a software update did exist because someone on this forum had said so. The guy straight out told me one didn't exist and didn't want to have a bar of any further questions. If he wasn't sure, the least he could have done was made some enquiries and get back to me. Then I've emailed the service manager about the same issue - never received a reply. I've also emailed the parts manager for a quote to get the blue interior illumination kit installed - no reply. The only reason I take the car to Toyota is for the "peace of mind" that if there is ever a warranty issue with it, you can throw the ball back in their court by saying that they are the only ones that have ever serviced it....but I'm seriously considering cashing in my dealer extended warranty and just taking the car to my local mechanic, who we've been going to fo years and can do log book servicing.
  17. Hi all, So it's time to slowly start modding my ZR6. It's still pretty much stock standard apart from tinted windows and front/rear scuff plates. Sooo, the first thing I thought I'd do is put some new rims on her. I'm looking at getting 18" Advanti Choppers. Below is a very quick, very rough photoshop of what they'll look like. I'm quite fond of them but am more than happy to hear opinions etc! :D After the rims, I think I'll go for the blue interior illumination kit. Cheers folks!
  18. Insurance companies will do absolutely anything to get out of paying a claim... If they can find one tiny bit of evidence that you have failed to comply with their policy, they will try and do everything to knock you back! If you're willing to take the chances then by all means go for it, as long as you're willing to accept the consequences should the inevitable happen one day.
  19. Macca's french fries are the worst!! You'll be cleaning under the seats etc and you'll be guaranteed to find one!
  20. The other option would be, as you said, to buy a portable unit, but put it in one those pouches that you can just strap over the head-rest. Cheap and nasty approach so to speak, but I don't think you're newborn will be too fussy :P
  21. 1997 Subaru Impreza RX 2007 Subaru Impreza RV 2011 Toyota Aurion ZR6
  22. Slight change of plans for me guys. Got home from work late this morning, so I'm not gonna wake up anytime before 2. I'll just meet ya's at about 6 at the garage cafe.
  23. I think the OP would know what unlocking his car sounds like. He mentioned that it has not made the noise for a year so I'm pretty sure it's not related to that. Plus the beep is of a different type to the lock buzzer. By the sounds of it though, his car wasn't even making a beep when unlocking...but yes, fair call.