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Fuel Filter Woes

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Just replaced the fuel filter on my EL44 Paseo, put everything back together, started the car and it's leaking around the top washer. Took it all apart, made sure everything was clean of debris or anything that could cause a leak, put it back together and started it to it STILL having a massive leak.

Any idea what the problem might be? I made sure that the banjo bolt is pointing the right direction and the filter only goes on one way.

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there should be 2 washers that come with the filter, one for the top and one for the bottom. if you installed those, and tightened the bottom fitting and the top banjo bolt correctly, then it shouldn't leak.

unless of course youve damaged the fittings by removing it too vigorously, which will be a pain in the **** to get fixed = new fuel hoses.

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o-ring ? those little rubber bas@#$rds sometimes u cant tell that they arent right and the look fine ...... i had a split o-ring on my fuel pump housing while it was on the dyno which was a pain bcuz we ran out of injectors at very small power and we spent a good few hours chasing down the problem only to come back to a simple rubber o-ring ......

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Did you re-use the washers from the old filter or put the new ones in? They should always be replaced each time.

I used the new ones, but it seems they are marginally thinner than the washers originally on there. To fix this, I used two washers on top of the banjo fitting and one underneath - I'll go pick up another brand of filter today and see if it fixes the issue as I've been told that doing it this way is quite bad.

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Go genuine, you won't have any issues then :) :) :) ...

for an old paseo, i dont know anyone who would spend $90+ on a genuine fuel filter, when you can get a decent ryco one for $30.

newer car, different story however. especially considering the majority of fuel filters now are in the fuel tank.

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you only use one washer on top and one washer on bottom, thats why its leaking

I WAS only using one on the top and bottom, but had to use two on the top to stop it leaking :) I went to pick up a new filter, and the guy at Autobarn told me that he had never gotten one in or sold one before, but he could get them for $80 each :o That's $50 difference to the last one I bought from another Autobarn store, so I promptly left :P

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