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Racing Cooling Panels(same as C-one)


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that post you just made silverbullit is my answer right well if you look DIRECTLY AFTER THAT POST i replied to it so obviously i got it

then NORTHY there was no need for that i already asked then you answered then it was over

what kinda mods are you  acting like damn morons

this is why i get up you corey cus you act like that i didnt do ANYTHING WRONG HERE

so rack off

the reason that we get so ****** off, trust me im not the only one, is because you ask and post the same things over and over and over again.

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and the reason i keep asking voer and over again is because no one answered my question

once the question was answered i didint ask again DID I

as for the big post number your almost on 2000 i can say the same thing about you

is there anything wrong with me jumping on for 30min every afternoon and replying to all the watched topics ive got


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No it's still on and the panel will fit any corolla PRE facelift. Contact Danthuyer for monies transfer and to place your order. :D

i beleive silver said any rollas pre face lift

meaning not just sportivos

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Not trying to stir the pot, but I imagine that this cooling panel would fit post-facelift sedans and wagons, given they weren't as changed as the hatches?

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It'll fit the wagon buddha

Yeah, that's cool, and I'm interested as soon as the piggy bank starts looking a little plumper. ;)

The main aim of the post was to open your market up to the post-facelift sedan/wagon crowd. B)

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If I can get 5 people to place an order and deposit money then I will get a run of them made. But I need to get at least 5 done as that is the smallest number they will do at one time. The cost will be $80 each as the company who is doing the production has put up their prices. <_<

So if you want one then add your name to the list below.

1.Donza - Deposit received

2.1zzfewagon - Deposit received

3.JJCRU23R - Deposit received

4.YDOIT4 -

5.Xploshun -

PM Silvabullit for money transfer and bank details. :D

Check out my garage for a picture of the cooling panel.


LINK TO PIC---- http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde..._item&CID=4

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