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Racing Cooling Panels(same as C-one)


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Looking for people who are interested in a cooling panel which sits above the radiator and grille and helps air flow through and around the radiator.

Similar to the c-one cover that is on my car (click on link in my sig and go to garage to see)

They will be $80 each Ex Postage and will need to be purchased in groups of 5.



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The cooling panel is a combined project between RBT Motorsport and Project Lift.

We have based the cooling panel on the same design as the C-one product with a few changes necessary so as not to breach copyright rules.

The panel is made from stainless steel and laser cut to ensure absolute neatness of the edges, holes etc. We have also deleted some of the non-essential holes that were on the C-one panel as well. As far as weight is concerned there is only a minor difference between the two as the C-one panel is made from anodised aluminium. We chose the stainless option as it's cheaper than going with the aluminium then getting it anodised plus stainless is easier to maintain.

As Danthuyer has already mentioned we can only place orders in groups of 5 so if you are interested then please contact either danthuyer or myself (SILVABULLIT) to give us an idea of how many we order in each production run.

We will hopefully post a picture of the panel sometime in the following week for your persual.


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If you click on my signature and look at the c-one cooling panel, you can get an idea of what it will look like.

There will be pictures this week of the cooling panel.

Sorry for the delay but the manufacturer wants to make sure that everything is 110% before we release.

Installation is a piece of pie. simply undo 2 12mm bolts that hold the radiator brackets and place panel on and then bolt down again ;) pictures and instructions will be supplied both here in the workshop section and a hard copy with the item.

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Awaiting supply of the relevant stainless steel that it will be made of. Suppliers to the company that are producing the cooling panels are out of stock(some lame excuse). We are one of many customers awaiting for the stainless to arrive and once it's there then it would only be about a week or so to have them ready for sale.

Sorry for the delay guys but the problem is out of our hands but will let you know as soon as things start to roll!


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Well if all goes well then I should have the cooling panels by the end of the week. For those who would like one then please contact SILVABULLIT or DANTHUYER with your intention and how you will pay(cause that would be nice!!)

First in best dressed! We will order according to demand so please let us know by the 31st of March.

COST; $80aud

Postage depends on where you live but about the $10 - $25 mark in Australia.

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Cooling panels are ready to be made for you guys.

If you would like to deposit monies pm Silvabullit for bank details

Reference - your forum name and cooling panel

For those who do want one, you will need to deposit a deposit of $40 into the account to confirm the order.

To find out how much postage you will need use this AUS post link

The dimensions of the unit are

60cm x 15 cm x 5cm (to be generous)

Once you have deposited could you please PM Silvabullit with a copy of the receipt and I will put aside for you a cooling panel straight away.



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hey man definatly interested but firstly

how much diference does it actually make

also i coulndt find the c-one pic in your garage

and by adding a few other cooling items throughout the engine bay does it really make a big difference to engine response and power

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