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Racing Cooling Panels(same as C-one)


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the cooling panel



In [rajieta]=(RADIATOR?) fresh the cooling panel which leads the air.

As for the engine cooling panel you send to [rajieta] the fresh air which enters from the grille, without wastefulness, improvement the cooling effect. It is the necessary part in the high rotary type engine and the turbo engine where we would like to pay attention to water temperature rise. In addition not only the functional aspect and lux of aluminum make produces the engine compartment in the Spartan

OK my translation of this translation:

cooling panel makes use of the air which enters through the grille by directing it into the radiator. installing this results in a cooler radiator, which means lower water temp. also makes the engine compartment look good, or spartan! spartan = less cluttered appearance or minimalist... ever learnt bout the spartans in greek history?

translation of that translation:

cooling panel good.


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im ASSuming that u remove a couple screws/bolts, lay the cooling panel down and replace screws/bolts...

am i wrong anyone?

i havent looked at the instructions but it shouldnt be that difficult yea?

from the looks of the pic, part of the panel goes just under the grille... not sure if grille requires removing but thats an easy job as well.

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Ok guys I have got the panels and they look the goods!!

Please PM me your address and if you are in sydney for example then I will wrap them all together and send to one person so please nominate that person. that way i will work out the postage then you can deposit the remainder of the money owing. Please be quick guys as I would like to have this sorted and posted before the end of the week.

cheers Silvabullit.:)

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So guys in Syd who wants to take the panels to their place i dont mind taking it if nobody else will i live in concord but we can all meet at the usual meeting area in syd? if thats easier for everyone i dont mind where we meet whatever is central for everyone or easiest

Just thought id suggest a few things to get it done quicker so if nobody has any objections ill take the panels and pm everyone once i have them to organise a time and place to meet

:yahoo: cooling panels are here :yahoo:

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thought there was a general consensis that they were going 2 b sent 2 me?! HEHEHE!

im fine with YDOIT4 recieving em if u are DEFINATELY goign 2 the next meet! PM ur mobile number just in case i need 2 contact u.

can we get prices on both individual postage and as a group?


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So panels will be posted to the following people direct;



ydoit4(sydney-how many ??)

Guys I will be away tomorrow so thursday will be the first day I will be able to organise some postage so please bear with me as something has popped up at work that I have to deal with. Please everyone on the list PM me your address and if you are getting it posted to Dave's address.

Cheers SB.

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Yes well i iz Dave! and i think instead of conversing over who gets the panels sent to whom i will take them

So whoever wants the panels tell me or silvabullet so he can post the amount of panels to me asap so we can get a mini meet done and install the panels in like 5 minutes and make our cars look more bling bling :spiteful:

whoever wants to have the panels sent to me then pm me with your mobile number and i can message or call when i get the panels and get a day or night to mini meet up and hand out the panels

OTAY :clap:

any objections my msn is


im on almost all the time

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ok might as well just send mine 2 YDOIT4.

as long as i can get it from u at the next meet :P

has SB been online since earlier this week? i know hes busy at work n stuff...

but can u take a pic of the panelz dude?

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Has everyone deposited the rest of the cash or does SB have to get back to us with the postage price and how much we still owe him??

Ohh well im sure we will get it by next weekend if he posts it on monday :huh:

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Guys all panels were posted today and you all should have received a MP from me with payment details.

Please be prompt with amounts outstanding and could you please let me know when you receive your stuff.

Cheers SB :D

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