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What happened to my console???

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:P i got an idea we can have a bbq toca at my place, and we envite dan over we then lock him up in my garage with all our cars in there and wont let him out until he finish all our cars... in the mean time we can have a bbq and a few drinks while we wait.


ANYONE FOR A GROUP INSTALL..??? :lol::lol::lol:

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so BBQ at Mario's it is then :)

I've got plenty of drinks left over from the Wollongong cruise I can bring along...

Dan, if you can supply the components, I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to re-emburse you for the effort :)

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this is done by changing the polarity of the polarizing filter.

I got a new filter and replaced the stock one with it. It was hard for me to get the filter, and I have about half of an A4 sheet left. So probably not enough for everyone. But I don't mind doing a group install, I can just show you guys how to do it, it's not so hard, just have to be delicate.

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well I try to explain you how the work must be made!

First of all tou have to remove the entire radio from the center console and remove the front panel of the radio.

You have to take away the green leds from the internal card of the radio and replace them with the red ones.

To do that you need this tool (sorry but I don't know the word in english therefore i attach the image :( )


The leds are SMD model abt 1mm diameter and you have to arrange them with the right polarity otherwise they don't light up!

The leds are also on the doors' commands and the work is the same of the radioo.

For the console i've changed the green bulbs with a red 12V bulbs. In total there are 8 bulbs for the console, 12 led for the radio and 9 for the doors' commands (if I remember well). for the total work i've spent about 7$!

I hope to be well explained. :P

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