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What makes the Aurion better then other cars?

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I sometimes get comments from friends and family about why at my age I got a car like an Aurion at age of 21 instead when I could have opted for a more sportier car that would suit my age, which then gets me thinking about why I did and it sometimes makes me regret it if people think about it like that.

But I clearly remember why I got this car:

1; I seen one on the streets and fell in love with it.

2; My first car was a Camry. I had NO trouble with this car. She was a 1997 and almost hitting 300,000k and I bet you I could have made that an easy half a million K's before I scrapped it.

3; Everyone says you cannot go passed the quality and technology put in Toyota engines.

But besides the things that I got this car for, what other reasons could I tell someone as to why I bought this car?

Also, I was wondering heaps lately after seeing Holden and Ford ad's. What has the Aurion got thats better then these cars? Especially cars that are in the same league as the Aurion?

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I believe every car (well, most cars) have their good and bad points and every one of those points relates to one's own point of view. It's like arguing about religion, nobody wins but alot of tempers get raised.

I like the Aurion because it does what I need it to, I like the look of it, the performance is decent and it's fairly well made.

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I bought one because it looks great (especially after I'm finished with the planned mods), transports the family in leather clad luxury and me at a decent pace when I feel in the mood. Oh and I'm not a fan of the Falcodore.

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My reasons: it looks aggresive, sporty, and pretty fine all round. It is comfortable, has the right creature comforts (electric gizmos). It drives nice and smooth, has decent fuel economy, yet when you want the power it is simply a matter of putting your foot down.

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I actually like the lines of the vehicle.....my TRD reminds me of the older british touring cars with the shape......but its also a good alround package with Toyota reliability.........Holden and Ford....to common, i like mine for being different..........

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That shows that you don't have enough mods yet to make it looks like a sportier.. Solution: Do more aggresive mods. ;) :lol:

Exhaust, YES! Bigger rims, YESSSS!!! Air Suspension, OMG! :toast:

Aurion got the looks and price for maintenance is way cheaper compared to others. And most important, it has the power!

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I agree with the others.

Comparable to other cars made in the price range and market at my time of purchase it is: (Omega, SV6, XR6, 380, Accord)

The best looking

The best engine spec (200 killerwasps)

The best engine quality

The best resale value

Something different

Less likely to be thrashed but can take a thrashing

Things it wasn't at the time of purchase:

The cheapest (it was at-least 10% more expensive than the direct competition)

I got a bit of flak from people asking me why I purchased a Camry, but after putting the rims on it I have seriously converted many peoples first perceptions.

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What i've owned in the last 10+ years....

VS Calais V8

VX Clubsport R8

BA XR8 sedan (this was a real sh!tter)

Peugeot 306 XT (with a sound system that peaked at 145db,freakin soooo loud)

Aurion ATX (slightly modified)

in all honesty i miss the outright power of the R8 but as i've got older and started to appreciate the finer things in life i've got to say the Aurion is by far the best of the lot in so many ways. :)

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As said by Steven in the first reply, it basically comes down to what you find better than the other cars on the market. Basically how the car feels to you will decide on whether you like it more or not.

I'll just quote what I have said as this is still my valid answer. Also pointing out this thread so you can get further answers:

Statistics of Aurion drivers

This may be long... Even though my old Camry had just reached the 300,000km mark and was still running perfectly fine, I still desperately needed to upgrade to something a little more stylish and with more power. At the time that I planned to get a new car (which was in 2007) I really wanted a 200SX S15. I never really got around to buying it, then I realised that I should probably be a bit more practical and get myself something that was larger and had usable rear seats.

I am not a fan of Holden or Ford (I don't hate their cars; just the quality) so those two were ruled out. Luckily Toyota had the Aurion because if it weren't for the new Australian Camry being a 4-cylinder, I would have opted for that. I wasn't in a major hurry to replace my Camry so I kind of steered away from buying another car for a while. My Dad then mentioned that he came across a nice looking red Sportivo Aurion at the auctions... and now I have myself an Aurion.

I am certainly pleased with my purchase. The Aurion Sportivo is one sexy car. I still like to look at it when it sits in the garage or if it's parked in a parking lot. I also like watching other people turn their heads as I drive by (I'm surprised that it still has that ability).

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Hop into a new holden or ford and feel around the interior, it feels like parts just want to fall off....ever tried to pull a toyota bumper off? it takes a bit of effort, not the holdens, one touch and it just about falls off....

Seriously not joking.

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The arion is the best quality built in aus, I see in my industry the holdens ( mostly the statesman ) and the fords are in the workshop getting something fixed on a weekly basis. apart from a dodgy rear shocker when I bought the car, I have not had to fix anything else. Im happy with that.

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This may contradict the point of the thread, but is Aurion really better in terms of Interior? So far, I'm not liking the cheap build and the rattles. Honda's a lot better. My interior feels like falling apart during a little rough road.. Thou I still love the car as a whole..

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Yeah well mine is a Camry but have to admit the rattles in the dash are annoying.

But the stereo makes it go away....

I have a rattle when I accelerate off at lights from the centre of the dash and a rattle - buzz from the area of the tweeter

on the rhs of the dash.

But mine would have been thrashed all its life as it was a budget rent a car with 95K on it.

Economy is poor too for a 2.4 but a tune up may fix that. Sometimes on start up it fires seemingly on three cylinders for a second or two.

Probably still has origenal plugs in it.

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Thanks a million guys. Made me feel better. I seriously love this car even more after reading this AND after taking her down the Freeway tonight. It's such a good car all round. B)

Never ever regret your buy.. There should be nothin that could let u down apart from your own thoughts. Well, for my thoughts, I wish the interior was better, then I'd be a very happy man. Even with that still exist, Im still happy for what it is. Prove them wrong by getting more MODS! :toast:

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