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muhhahaha, i want it


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That footage is from a show called "Pimp My Ride", which may just be the show that gets me onto pay TV ... my boss tapes it for me at the moment, some of the things they do are pretty serious, but that sub takes the cake!

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Gotta love complete OVERKILL!!!!!  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:


OVERKILL ,, why it fits the car perfectly.. :blink::blink::blink: well on the show they only tested to 100db but i would assume this thing could pump well over 140db with over 6,500watts running through it. the theory behind such a big woofer is

Big + Sexy + Big Power = *** DAMN.......!!!!

its obviously very heavy ... i'll keep my 2 x 12" which probably weigh about 1/3 of that monster anyday..

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Is that a proper show or a parody they made? The sub is real though.

It's a real show, basically viewers who own pieces of sh!t (And I mean real sh!t boxes) write in to MTV asking to have their ride pimped.

If you're the lucky viewer, your car gets completely restored and customized (pimped) by West Coast Customs. Good to watch for laughs, sometimes the outcome is real cool, most of the time it's a bit over the top, if the car is too far gone, they simply give the viewer a brand new car.

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USA MTV pimp my ride = crazy paint, lotsa LCD's, funny gadgets

EU MTV pimp my ride = not so crazy paint, IMACULATE full leather interior retrims, usable gadgets

The only down side to the EU version is their W@nka of a presenter some out of date DJ who tries to be black!!!!!

Apart from that a very cool series indeed :)

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I forgot the HUGE roo-bar and big @rse spotties on the front too...

Oh and lambs wool seat covers...

and 4 of those Air/con airfreshener things PLUS one of those little scented tree thingies...

and to cap it all off.........

....... a dancing Elvis :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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2 grand is actually not too bad for that considering some of the prices Subs go for... I was expection around 10 grand just due to the low volume production and uniqueness.

i appologise,, i was meaning to say in well excess of 2 grand it would be around the 8-10grand mark especially once you got it here to Aus...

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wowwww! :blink:

how heavy is those thing!!!

thats insane!!! :lol:

For the purposes of this answer, I'm going to pretend that you missed hearing the weight during the playback, and that you haven't fallen for Azza's, um, misguided communication (no offence, Azza) :P

They mentioned a weight of 350 pounds, which is approx. 157 kg, or approx. 1.2 Buddha's.

Hell, 1.0 Buddha is insane as it is, let alone the new, improved, 20% more at no extra cost Buddha! :P

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