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Blackmamba's Aurion TSE!


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So after some issues with my maggie that i have neither time or resources nor a place to fix them ive decided to give in and upgrade to this 2010 Toyota Aurion Touring SE which i put a deposit on this week. Has 45,000KM on the clock and only had one owner. Who actually is the owner of Lithgow Holdens, son.

Also thought i should put some more specs!
-200Kw 3.5 Litre V6 Automatic 6speed sequential
-Auto windscreen wipers
-front and rear sensors
-reverse camera
-Drivers electric seat
-steering wheel controls
-Metallic Black paint
-Sports pedals
-rear spoiler
-Dual zone aircon
-6CD bluetooth HU with iPod connectivity and 6 Speakers
-Sports headlights with projectors
-Sports rear tail lights
-Power windows
-Keyless entry
-Black upholstery
-Automatic Headlamps
-LCD Cluster display screen (Doors open, trip computer, fuel consumption etc)

Mods include:
19" Tenzor Concept-9 Matte black Rims with Ultra-Low profile (35) tyres
Modified Dual chrome tip exhaust
King Springs (lowered an inch)

Personalised Black plates

Debadge (Complete)
Rear wing (scrapped)
Darker window tint
Blacked out tail lights (Post-poned)
Black ceiling upholstery

Not much else i want. Everything on it is pretty decent. Nothing i can think of at this stage. Anything i can make black. Will be black.



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Thanks mate. Don't worry. Not keen on that one either. But if i find a picture of one i do like i'll try and post it up.

Just to add since its not on my ride post > i just emailed PROvinyl in sydney to find out about Matte Black racing strips.

So Defyant. I'm going for total black. Love my black! =)

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Those wheels suit it to a T. Should try no wing or a ducktail :)

he prolly hasnt thought about the 5 holes your left with in your boot lid when you take the flying wing off :(

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I believe they've been modified. I didn't modify them. But it makes a very nice sound. They aren't the standard exhaust tips offcourse. If i take some better photos someone might be able to tell me if its just the tips that have been modified or the whole system. I'm still learning about all these things.

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That P doesnt blend in at all >.< Put it in the back window? or if youve copped flack about it before for being tinted put it next to the numberplate...

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Hi xCalibur,

The readings on the tyre show this 245/35ZR19 93

I don't know how to interpret that but heres the list of the rims and their sizes etc. Mine are the Concept-9 19" rims.


The tyres are Forceum i believe. but ill double check.

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OP you don't happen to drive on the Hume highway bass hill to bankstown do you?

Early in the morning too?

I always notice this black Aurion similar to yours with hids in fogs blinding the crap out of me

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Nope. i dont drive anywhere early in the morning. And havent drive far over the long weekend either haha. And havent been near bankstown either. Must be someone else. But i'm interested about their car haha.

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