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toyota mark x (with 2gr-fe engine + supercharger)


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Yeah, it's unfortunate that Toyota Australia refuse to bring performance models in. I mean how many of us would have bought a Blade if they were available here...I know i would have.

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Market viability is the problem - Australia is not a large market, so bringing in exrta models will more than likely just drag customers away from existing Toyota models (or not, in the case of the Avalon for instance). Additionally, Australia already makes the Camry and Aurion (with government subsidies) for both the Australian and overseas markets, so it would not be financially viable to replace those models with imports from Japan (Altona would still need to exist to satisfy the Middle East market, and the SE Asia one too if it exports the "prestige Camry" (aka Aurion) there). You can imagine the outrage from the community and the business sectors if Toyota were manufacturing cars here for other countries but importing a similar/replacement model from Japan for the local market.

In short:

1) Yes it sucks

2) It's not going to change any time soon

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You can buy the Blade here in NZ as a matter of fact. Its not a vehicle on Toyota NZs website, but there are always a few models floating around on used car sale sites

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The rear end looks as hawt as the front, Rare you get that on a Toyota.


One of the better looking sedans ive seen.

+1 to that makes the new Aurion look old :)

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As every bumper is different it's very difficult to say how difficult it would be. Obviously plastic welding would be required and you'd end up with something that looked very different to the vehicle it originally came from.

That said nothing is impossible if you're willing to spend enough $$$

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Funny you mention that Alonso, I was just wondering how hard it would be to "cut and shut" these bumpers to our aurions. Anyone have expertise in the panelwork industry?

ahaha me too! would be so expensive to do so :/

Honestly if the aurion was AWD or RWD...... i'd go all out on engine upgrades, v6 toyotas are just mint.

mannn..... looks like a turbooo

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Alonso, yes that does look suspiciously like an intercooler. That would have to move. Pity we can't run turbo sixes in v8 supercars or I would be thinking of that instead of "stuffing around" with a 1uz. (Note, I am taking the ***** when I talk of "stuffing around", I saw a supra running a 1uz in a magazine a while ago, after reading the specs all I can say is HOLY CRAP!!!!)

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Ok Hiro, I'll pay that. With any luck, Toyota will give us a reason to follow the main racing category in Australia soon. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, kick , jam, shove, Toyota Australia.)

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