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Xoom's Turbo 2ZZ Sportivo

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just a small update on some cosmetic changes 😁

so i havent hit the strip but i have been roll racing .... and i have videos .... have gone in Jan & Feb and am running about 50% win rate ..... some folks have some real monsters & there i am

all this car needs is the nos bottles..........

Just putting in my updates to the car thus far

All out n apart




The box coming apart



The crank work



Some port work


Finally coming together


Finally in the car


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Awesome project :D

What was the original car though??? 2003 Stivo???

Also... What turbo is that??? IHI VF series or Garret something something???

Cheers :D

Original car is a 2003 Stivo

Its a Garret GT2871



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unfortunetly the project had a few hickups (thank g.o.d they are now sorted) which delayed everything by 2-3 weeks but now its back on track .......

Here are some pics of some handy dump pipe building work ;) ;) ;) and my manifold ..... i will update with more pics once it all comes 2gether as right now the pipes are being coloured nice n pretty like ;) ;) ;) ....... but the cooler is in and u cant tell that its there ..... excellent muhahahahahaha





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STi GUi said:
Looking VERY nice there buddy!

Can I ask... Is that a twin entry FMIC??? If so... Why? I'm not questioning your decision as such, just curious, I don't know much about them thats all.

Cheers :D

Yep its a twin entry FMIC ...... in response 2 ur other question ... Why ? .... simple real estate under the bonnet :lol::lol::lol: ....... there isnt enough of it to run down the other side of the car ..... plus the way the turbo is positioned it would be ludacrous to try and run piping across the engine bay as more pipe = more lag (obviously u could offset this by using smaller piping but again y run metres n metres of piping) .... the other thing is take a good look down the driver side of the engine bay (picture below) and ull see trying to bend piping through that maze is near impossible ...... and dont forget u would need to run piping for the air filter as well as the intercooler so good luck to anyone wanting 2 take that challenge ..... lol ..... but hey if u spun the turbo around atleast it would make building the dump pipe a whole lot easier ..... :lol::lol::lol:


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Ahh ok. Come to think of it... There is bugger all space there hey... Oh well, at least you worked it out :)

Cheers :D

Sorry for my ignorance can sum1 please explain wat a dual entry FMIC intercooler (I tried researching but didnt come up with much at all), all I found out was that it has 2 inlets n 2 outlets (correct?) :unsure:

there is a single inlet and a single outlet however they are both on the same side ..... a "normal" FMIC usually as the inlet on one side and the outlet on the other side ....

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I am pretty sure the turbo will mount something like this carlo C2 like to low/mid mount their turbos on the ZZ's


not sure which direction bill is going to have the compressor outlet if he is going under like the C2 kit or over the top...

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Gotta fight the heat as best as possible ;) ;) ;)

Sorry guys the positioning of everything is currently being patented so i can tell u but i'd then have 2 kill u :lol::lol::lol::lol: ...... but seriously in all honesty if anyone else is going to attempt this my recommendation to you is (and u can choose 2 listen 2 this advice or not .... up2 u really) that everything is custom built DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THE KITS SOLD OVERSEAS .......

and to all the ppl biatching about how the car looks ...... im more concered with how she will go rather than how it looks :P :P :P :P :P i'd rather have it all go and no show rather than the other way around :P :P :P :P :P :P



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-JC- said:
Azza said:

Nice Bill...but what does it look like UNDER the bonnet :P

It's stock officer, I swear . . . . . . ;)

exactly right ..... 200% stock ..... look and make up ur own mind


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Where's the intake from the filter placed?

the air filter is in the black box in the right hand corner ..... and the pipe from the air filter goes into the side of the turbo ......

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CORZZA said:
Bill we want more pics pls! Clear ones! :)

hopefully this suits u more pete :P :P :P :P :P i mean if u just came to a meet i wouldnt have to post this up :P :P :P :P :P











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what type of exhaust is that? looks cool~!

full custom job end-2-end 3 inch all the way through with high flow metal cat

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Looks FANTASTIK mate, if you don't mind me asking how much did this little project set you back?

I've been thinking of going S/C as I don't want the lag, are you getting a lot of lag or?

Cheers, Niko

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how much did those rims set u back brother?

more than you can afford pal ..... ferrari .... hahahahhahah

sorry I couldnt help myself ...

hahahahahaha you are a stooge jase .... lol .... love the f&f quotes .... lol

rims were 49,000 yen per rim + shipping + customs.

Those are TRD rims, I think production of this series has stopped. I saw a set on yahoo auctions a while ago so keep an eye out.

you're partially correct ..... TRD did stop production on a subset of their rims however the ones i got are still in product.

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