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Supra VS TRD Aurion


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Depending on the drivers; in a legal drag race, I think the Supra(JZA80 Twin Turbo) by a car length. In stock form they aren't that fast.

The Aurion has the disadvantage being a heavy FWD car.

The Supra side of this forum is not very frequently used, as they have dedicated forums elsewhere.

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I'm pretty confident the Supra would win. Also has the rear wheel drive advantage. That said, I have never been in a TRD Aurion and I just wonder how does it put the power down without tramping the front end. Does the TRD have a special differential ?

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18 hours ago, Bens101x said:

Isn't the Supra only 250 kilowatts and the Aurion has 200 but I'd sure like to see that race.


Stock TRD Aurion is 240kW.  There's no such thing as a stock JZA80 Supra, and even if there was there's almost no chance it's putting out the same power it did back in 2002 (and who knows what that stock figure even was, due to the figures being fudged as part of the Gentleman's Agreement).  But if we do go off the official numbers, then the VVTi 2JZ has ~50Nm more torque despite having less capacity and less max power (which means that the 206kW is likely to be _heavily_ underrated, more like 240-250kW), and 0-100 tests tend to show it pulling in the low-mid 5s range (some places even list high 4s), whereas the TRD Aurion was in the 6s.


Aurion is also ~100kg heavier than the Supra, FWD with no LSD.

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It's a crime that brand T didn't even bother with an LSD for the TRD, would've made the car so much better. Having said that the 2JZ is legendary just like the Supra, then there's the GTE motor 😉

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