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Fantastic shots!! That first one needs to be a TOCAU promo shot for sure :D

I'm liking that idea too Rob about a ride thread for each state, helps keep track of us all a bit too :lol:

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Thanks everyone, I can't believe what I started! I passed on the praise to the real talent, the missus, she is the photographer. Will put some new shots of latest mods soon.

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Here are a few nights shots and one playing with photoshop. New Mods: White LED side indicators, driving lights, and foggies. Red LED dome lights, doors lights, and number plate lights. Hyper Yellow Noyka high-beams. Blacked Out tail lights..... Next up, I am heading to the paint shop......





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Hi all this is my ZRE-152 6SPD. late 2007

18"Wheels ,225/40/ 18 Tyres.

King Lows- looking @ dropping the rear another 20ml.

Tint,Weather strips, Rear spoiler.

Torpedo back 2'1/4 exhaust.

Location - South Brissy.

Cheers, Peter.



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This is my 2010 Touring, mostly stock for now except DRLs & the Chrome grill, planned exhaust upgrade, planned new rims, speaker upgrade and have already changed every bulb I can to LEDs and the headlamps and fog lights upgraded also, footwell LEDs, door pocket LEDs, boot LED strip, changed some of the other interior lights to different colours (Shifter letters, shifter slot.), rear bumper reflector mod from on here, have the bodykit & eyelids painted & on but no pics yet, auto folding mirrors painted but not fitted yet. air horns, Drift Sapphire series volts & oil pressure gauges (they match the cluster) just have to be installed.


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Man I love Aurions. These Pictures make me drool :D

If only I can park my ride and get it taken with you guys!

When I get enough posts up I will try and post my ride and get some feedbacks on how to make it look more appealing haha!

Love your work guys. Keep it up :)

QLD ftw!

(Love those TRDs)

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