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Is your sportivo your dream car?


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I have a list of a certain few cars that I would love to own.

1957 Chev 2 door fully restored in a midnight blue/white pearl.

1956 Karmann Ghia red of course!

1954 Split Window Kombi for sentimental reasons. :D

Porsche 356a speedster

VW Golf R32 cause I wouldn't have to do much to it!!(but would do it anyway :lol: )

Honda S2000 for my wife ;)

And my 1976 Kombi fully restored in XR6 orange with Lexus white pearl roof and the engine just the way i want it(350hp for that 13 sec quarter :) )

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i only bought the sportivo because it was the best new car at the time and for only $30k, it had everything without paying extra. cheap and reliable and it had enough go. sure i would love to have a bit more torque but i ain't complaining.

but i would love to have the S15. that would just negate everything above hahaha. except the engine reliability.

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mine is a brand new Holden Commodore SS ute

i had a ute once before and i really wish i NEVER sold it

same as cs2003

only reason i bought a sportivo was cus it was the best and quickest car for under 30grand

to tell you the truth its an awesome car but it honestly wasnt what i wanted, but all i could afford with the sort of speed and performance it comes with

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Assif a Corolla sportivo is a dream car it all comes down to the money i guess? what people can afford... There is nothing wrong with the corolla ... its a good car but its no where near a dream car ...

Im sure people would love to own a ferrari.. ? or an M3 BMW ... or even an R34 GTR worked off its tits 1000kws atw ...

But yeh ... its just a temp car until we can all afford a real car ... ;)

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to many to mention but since i read about it the other week.

the new bugatti

0 to 100 in 2.5sec

0 to 200 in 5sec

4 turbo chargers

over 1000 torgue. what more can i say definatly wouldnt need to be modded lol :D

and the price tag to boot.

other fav cars

69 dodge charger ( dukes of hazzard style)

trans am ( smokey and the bandit style)+( night rider style)




R34 skyline

crysler 300c

dodge viper

any lambo

the list can go on and on and on and on and on and on.......

all i have to say is has anyone seen the powerball or tattslotto add where it shows all theres exotic cars each with personalised plates saying monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday.

that would be me but much much worse.

wet weather car

sunny day car

overcast car

just for the hell of it car

going to the beach car

and so on and so on.

lol :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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