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2zzge AE82 sedan conversion

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Have decided to start a conversion I've wanted to do for a while after having had all the gear to do the swap sitting in the shed/yard for over 12 months.

I'm throwing a ZZE123 2zzge & 6-speed into an ae82 sedan, with the sedan receiving most of the parts from an AE82 twincam I picked up a couple of years ago (Tank, lines, rear discs, cluster, body loom, powersteer etc).

The plan is to convert the fuel rail to return-style, run a vipec v44 ECU, possibly throw a turbo on it (heaps of space for a turbo and dump in the AE82, not so much space for thermofans on the radiator). The car itself doesn't have that much rust, only a bit around the fuel filler and some around the windscreen, I'll weld new metal in for both of those and then give the whole car a fresh coat of 2-pack red.

Here's the pics of progress over the last 2 days and issues faced so far:

First I got the bay prepped ready to rip the engine out:


Before the engine came out though I fabbed up a small jig to indicate the crank centerline. This will let me make the 2zz timing cover mount with the crank in the right location.


With that done the engine was ripped out:


Then cleaned the bay...







Made some small modifications to the top AE82 gearbox mount base plate and bolted up the other AE82 brackets, then threw the box in the bay to check fitment. Plate mods involved slotting holes and using an end-mill to make a flat surface for the bolt heads.


Found out that the webbing on the 2zz sump fouls on the AE82 crossmember, so sectioned the crossmember. This pic shows the sectioned area ready to be plated up:


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With that done I bolted the engine in to check the rest of the fitment. Found that the head fouls on the brake master cylinder, so will be retrofitting a ZZE122 non ABS brake master and possibly booster also which will solve the clearance issue:


Battery will also be relocated to either the boot or further back in the bay next to the strut tower to make room for the intake:


And the bay as it sits now... Will be removing the brake master tomorrow so I can make a start on the drivers side timing cover mount. Once that's done I'll pull the lot out of the bay and get ir ready for paint.


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it's all pretty easy work, I've done a LOT of FWD corolla stuff in the past so it only takes about an hour and a half to remove the original drivetrain.

Cleaning the bay was easy with a spray bottle full of degreaser and a Gerni.

the 2zz 6-speed gearbox mount points are all very similar to the AE corolla 5-speed and my shed is fairly well equipped to let me do any custom fabrication required.

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This ae82 will be a track demon of note.

A while back I thought about doing this conversion on a KE70 and front wheel drive conversion. I lost interest and plans changed

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great Jason. Good to see more 2ZZ conversion love going on...

I'd offer to race you to get them on the roads but I know you'll beat me.

Has anything been done to the engine or is it all stock?

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engine's stock although I have been eyeing some stuff off at MWR, quite tempted given the current exchange rate.

tell me about it, I've already spent $3k... still another $2k worth of stuff to go as well.

The exchange rate right now is one of the reasons I finally started the conversion.

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How much does a 2ZZ with box weigh Jason? would it outweigh a GZE with E58 LSD? in terms of the imobiliser have you taken this from a corolla or a celica etc? the sedan will suprise alot of people.

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I'd say the engine/box combo would be a fair bit lighter than a GZE with E58, 2zz has an alloy block and the 6-speed is a C60. The engine is bigger than a 4A though, but compared to a GZE with all it's accessories/heavy brackets and the E series box which is almost double the weight I'm confident it's lighter.

A quick bit of googling indicates a 2zz is 115kg with intake and toyota exhaust header, not sure if that includes AC/PS/Alt. smallport 4age is 120kg without.

Another site lists an AE101 20V as 121kg and an AE101 4agze as 149kg and the E58 as 49kg. The C60 is not anywhere near 49kg as I had no trouble lifting it into the bay myself when doing the test fitting. In total I'd guess the 2zz/C60 combo is around 50kg lighter than an equivalent 4agze/E58 combo.

I have a JDM ECU with supposedly no immobiliser but I'll be running this engine with a Vipec V44.

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hey, i think pippy mentioned a while ago you might need a half shaft from a sportivo, i have a half shaft here and a spare bracket also. if you need em gimme a bell

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more done today, wasted a lot of the day at the wreckers though as they had a "$49 for all you can carry" day. Got a LOT of usefull stuff there including a complete AE112R brake booster/master/lines and remote bias valve which will sort the clearance issue in the AE82.

Got back after lunch and started on the timing cover engine mount. Decided to use part of the original ZZE123 mount and a carby AE82 insulator.

First off I milled the bottom of the 2zz mount flat:


I cut the metal part off the AE82 insulator that held the studs and tacked on a bit of 20mm square bar.

Then milled some recesses for the bolt heads in the zze123 alloy bracket, drilled some 10mm holes and turned up a locating sleeve that allowed me to accurately drill the required 8.5mm holes for the M10x1.25 tap:


Holes were then tapped and the mount is basically done. Will remove the insulator tomorrow, trim the excess bar and weld in webbing to reinforce it, then a sandblast and coat of paint will have it finished.

Pics of engine as it sits now and the mount:





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Wow, what a great project and its amazing all the work you've put in so far! Best of luck with the rest of the build and keep those progress updates going :)

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yeah, I've got an AE82 twincam cluster that I'll use. I may change it to an electronic speedo though as I'd prefer to not have a speedo cable running past the turbo setup.

Got the engine mount finished and the AE112 booster/master in place. Plenty of clearance now


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I'm liking how you have done that mount. Quite different to what I've seen other people do.

Unfortunately I think the AW11 chassis support sits too low to do a similar thing :(

What are you planning on doing fuel delivery wise? Tap a thread for a return line into the standard rail or adapt the fuel system to returnless?

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Congrats on this project,always wanted this in my GTi, Corolla and Yamaha is a match made in heaven :P

Will this be a daily or track or both?

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